Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hungry for a Burger-Fly over to Red Robin!

So one day, I am craving a burger.

Went to B-Spot already, yummy but don't want to go there and just not feelin it right now, I want my own kinda burger.

Was talking to my friend on the phone and I'm on the internet searching for a place. There aren't many places that you can say, YUM, they have good burgers. I want a particular burger, I want a good sink your fangs into a delicious cheesy, yummy meaty mess of a burger. I am thinking of all the ways I could eat one, my friend suggests Red Robin saying her teenage son loves them. I am thinking, a chain burger, gross but I trust my friend as she likes them too, so I will give it a try. I know they have a good Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich so maybe the burgers aren't bad. Well apparently a lot of people go to Red Robin for burgers. It's late and we get take out, my husband picks it up, we have one about 10 minutes from us. Kids are asleep and so my husband and I order our burgers for takeout. This was about 9:45pm. Didn't cook this night. I was so hungry that I ordered a double. I shouldn't of because it was way too much and I couldn't eat the whole thing. I have ordered again since and have got the single. We have tried the Royal Robin which comes with egg, which is the fad now, even though I have eaten that kind of burger since I was a kid. I had it with Cheddar and Sauteed Onions, yummy! I have had the Patty Melt and it was so yummy, it comes with Thousand Island dressing, I have ordered it with and without the dressing. Haven't figured out which way I like it best. You can create a burger any which way you like, and I love the choices and as you know that is how I like to order if you read my past blogs. This is what we got when we ate their as a family:

My husband got the Royal Robin:

I got the Patty Melt, and this is where I can say that the burger is as good as their picture: Next time I will take my own pic, I forgot to:

My daughter got their Carnival Corn Dog, which I have to say is probably the best Corn Dog that I ever tasted. It's Corny and huge and with a drink and a side, the price alone is what just a corn dog would cost at the Carnival.

Our son had the Mac & Cheese. It was also the day he decided he was going to feed himself with a fork. His first time and it happened at Red Robin. This is when I wanted to cry because he is starting to become a little self sufficient toddler, he's almost 2!

This is a pic I took of the Royal Red Robin Burger when we got take out, you can't see the burger but it was awesome delish!

Other things we've had that are also yummy:
The Chicken Chili Nachos, these are huge and my husband loves it so much that he can't go to Red Robin without ordering it. I have had the onions rings, they are good but I do prefer my onion rings battered not breaded, and Red Robin's onion rings are breaded. I have had their Chicken Teriyaki sandwich, I love it and I always get it with extra cheese and sometimes with or without the pineapple, depends how I'm feeling. I have had their French Onion soup and it's good and would order it again.

Just another thing about multiple choices, you can even pick what ever bun or bread you want for your burger. I've had the Onion bun and the Sesame bun. But their many others.

So if you're looking for a good burger and you have a Red Robin close, then go there. It's yummy, a great family place and they also have games to play. So far the staff has been great and I have nothing bad to say about any of the times we've been to Red Robin. To be able to have a place that my whole family loves is awesome, because we could always agree to go to Red Robin.

Everything is reasonably priced and you get a lot of food. They have their bottomless fries even though we never took up on having seconds because we are always full.

As far as dessert goes, they're shakes are yummy, I've had the banana and my daughter loved the hot fudge sundae.

Hope you love Red Robin as much as we do and I hope that this blog will help you to plan your next food outing or eating in.

Great for groups, families, dates, friend outings or just on your own!

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Good Eating Everyone,

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