Thursday, April 14, 2011

I got an iPhone today and.....

So I got an iPhone today and I would imagine that if the sales person at Best Buy would of thoroughly explained to me how to use it and how to even turn it on, it wouldn't of been so overwhelming! Here I am though typing on the iPhone on my blog. There is a lot to learn on how to use this phone. Apparently the reason why you don't have a guide in the box is because the actual manual guide is 200 pages per the Tech Support from AT&T which thank goodness was open 24 hours and I have Tech support free for 3 months, I thought that was dumb that it's only free for 3 months.... What?

What I am happy is that I got this phone for only $50. Compared that a few years ago this phone cost $200. They came out with a newer model but obviously the older model is still just as good as the newer model. When asked what the difference between the 2 is the sales rep said about $150, apparently not much, (you can always upgrade too). I think for the deal on the technology is pretty good. However, AT&T charges a not so pretty price monthly. So if you don't use the technology, it's not worth it.

If you need just a phone, just get a phone. But if you use the Internet, play games, want to be entertained and need to keep in the know for what ever reason, then get an iPhone. It's pretty cool and you can do a lot by the touch of a "VIRTUAL" button. Time will tell and I have much to learn. I thought it wouldn't be so hard since I am pretty tech saavy. Things are changed and improved that now it's harder to keep up. So is life... Until then goodnight. Now I am going to figure out how to turn this thing off.

PS: If anyone cares to share any cool features and how to, I would appreciate it!

Sweet Dreams,

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