Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Gem at Ruby Tuesday

Yesterday we were hungry.  Since lately we've had 1 car out of commission and normally have someone pick up my daughter from school, her ride was out of state for 2 days.  So I've had to take my husband to work and my daughter to school.  I think my 2 year old son was most irritated about the whole situation because he is not a morning baby!  He loves his beauty sleep!  LOL!  Then ya know, the whole take my daughter here, pick up my husband from work.  Run an errand.  By the end there was no way I was going to make dinner and a can of soup was just not going to cut it.

We were going to try out a cheesesteak place that was about 25 minutes away but then we passed by a Ruby Tuesday and change our minds.  Not to mention my daughter really wanted some pasta for dinner and not chicken fingers or a salad.  So it worked out because Ruby Tuesday had Pasta on their kids menu.

They have a great salad bar but what I was most impressed by was the new decor!  Oh my gosh, they went up in class.  Nice new chairs, new table settings, new paint color and new art.  It wasn't your typical laid back kind like TGI Fridays knock off.  This was like a new invention of Ruby Tuesday.  They are known for their salad bar which usually can bring a restaurant down but they're known for it and it was just as fresh as always.

I was most impressed by the new chairs.  It was like sitting on a cushiony arm chair.  Very comfy to sit in.  They seemed to of revamped their menu but still featuring their burgers they are known for.  I though did not order the burger like my husband.  I think his was a Bacon Cheeseburger. 

This burger is the Triple Prime.  They have their original burger and then the Triple Prime.
My hubby said he thought it was good and you can tell it was better meat.

 My son now has a love for fried shrimp so we got him a kid's fried shrimp but was not liking the broccoli that came with it.  We should of got him fries since they are his fav, I try to be balance out the nutrition.  So my husband ate the broccoli.  It could of probably used some cheese sauce.  It was just plain ol' steamed broccoli.  A great healthy choice!  Along side he also got white cheddar mashed potatoes which are really good.  He was supposed to get mac and cheese as a side and they ended up bringing it to him and my son as well as my hubby liked it.

Now here is my son's plate.  A lot of food for the price.  I suggest cutting the shrimp because they are big and crispy.  They weren't popcorn shrimp size but larger and had no tails.  He avoided the broccoli, he tried but looked at us funny like we were crazy for putting it in his mouth!  LOL!

My daughter got the pasta like I said.  Now I detest the whole kid's pasta thing because unless it's an Italian restaurant, odds are the pasta is going to be gross.  My daughter is also picky about her sauce since she loves my mom's old school Italian sauce that's the off the boat real.  So I wasn't sure if she was going to like it.  In the end it made her approval surprising!  Of course they couldn't forget to bring her Parmesan cheese, she can't eat her pasta without it!  Surprising too it was Penne and not Spaghetti.

She just loves to Pose!  There is the Peace Sign too!  Such a Bohemian Hippie!
She loved her pasta and ate it all!

Then there was me.  Oh there were so many choices and a lot of items tasted good.  Even the steak sounded good and I don't eat steak.  I asked the waiter how their ribs were and he said excellent.  I thought, yeah right that's what they all say.  I gave it a chance and ordered the ribs with the mac and cheese side and white cheddar mashed potatoes!  (I love my cheesy carbs!)  Let me tell you, I probably had the best ribs in the world!!!!  They were AMAZING!!!!  So meaty, fall off the bone and great tasting BBQ sauce!  I was so full just eating the half slab and I ordered the full slab, of course which I took home along with the sides.  A whole other meal!  They came with these garlic cheddar biscuits.  Similar to the ones you get at Red Lobster but these were smaller, sweeter and had a bit of a corn taste to them.  So I am thinking they throw in some Mesa Flour (corn flour).  They were delicious!  I just couldn't get over how great the ribs were.  I mean who would think that Ruby Tuesday would have such an amazing Rib dish?!  So I was blown away.  Here are my ribs...

Cute Square Plates too!
The full slab was cut in half and then stacked.  Also showing the mac & cheese and white cheddar mashed potatoes!

So there really isn't much to say more.  We had a great time, had a great server and the food was great.  I love the new look and feel of Ruby Tuesday.  I am still blown away at how the ribs were great!  I encourage you to go and check them out.  The prices were reasonable for the taste, feel and service.  I will definitely go back.  I am interested in trying their Chicken and Mushroom Alfredo or one of their shrimp pastas.  The salad bar was yummy.  I usually don't eat salad unless it's my own favs on my salad.  But they have great chunky blue cheese so that made it all the better.  They have some potato salad as well as a creamy tangy type fusilli pasta salad that was really good.

I am surprised they don't advertise more about the new look and amazing new dishes.  So I hope with my blog you will go and check it out for yourself.  I don't think you'll be disappointed!

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Since then, I've been back to Ruby Tuesday to the Medina Location and it's just as awesome!  I thought I'd add some yummy favorites to this post that we had!

Avocado Turkey Burger

Chocolate Lava Cake


Massive Kid's Sundae

Happy Eating,

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