Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hottie Spotting! Sam Worthington

He's got a Naughty Glance in the pic, wouldn't you agree, RAWR!

Okay, some of you have discussed with me some of the Hotties that we like on the screen.  Someone mentioned to me to start blogging about Hotties.  So I thought why not?!

Now I know that it may seem one sided because I would probably post about men that are Hotties.  Well I can assure that I am not a jealous kind and I will be happy to blog about Hotties that are women.  There are just as much women that are Hotties as there are men.  No women should deny the beauty of a woman.  So I am happy to announce that I will be posting both women and men.  HA HA!

I have many Hotties on my list.  Some may agree or disagree my choices but nonetheless I am sharing my choices with you.

I had to start with Sam Worthington.  Who's he?  Well some of you may not know but he played quite a sexy blue creature in Avatar.  He was a handicapped wounded marine (gotta love those jarheads!) who got a second chance in life and finding love in the most wierd way.

Were they half human half cats?  Well he was one Bad Kitty in this movie!

Not only was he in the popular Avatar but he was also in the famous Clash of the Titans, he played Perseus, the demi god most known to save Argos also known as the Argonauts.  He sliced off Medusa's head to save Argos from being destroyed.  (Can you tell I love my Greek Mythology?).  He also was in Terminator Salvation with another Hottie Christian Bale!

Name: Samuel Henry J. Worthington
Height: 5'10"
Born:  August 2, 1976 Godalming Surrey, England later grew up in Perth, Western Australia in the town called Rockingham.
Graduated from: NIDA (Australia's National Institute of Dramatic Arts) when he was 22.
He is an Actor, Director and Author

It's no surprise he won GQ's Man of the Year in Australia in 2009.

I think Sam Worthington was most sexy in Clash of the Titans even if he did wear a skirt (I wonder if there was any wrapping under there?).  I'd like to see more of him and I really mean more of him!  wink wink!  This Aussie (yes he comes with an accent) has this aura about him.  I see strength, timidness and maybe a little mischief if you look deep into his eyes.

Whenever Avatar comes on I watch it, maybe not so much because of Sam Worthington but I actually like the movie.  But watching Sam in Clash of the Titans makes me wish I was the one on the floor beneath him in the Ferryman's bottom quarters, watch the movie if you don't know what I mean.

So I hope you like my short excerpt on Sam Worthington, watch his movies and you let me know if you think he's a Hottie too!  Sam if you ever read this, I think you ROCK!

Want to know a little more, his accomplishments and awards visit here, IMDb Sam Worthington

11/20/2011 Hottie Update!:  Sam is now playing "The Vet" in the new Call of Duty's commercial for the newest release of the game!  Right after I blogged this I saw Sam in the commercial on T.V.  I suddenly felt a little more fuzzy inside!  Check it out for yourself!  You can also see Jonah Hill's new fit look and a cameo by Dwight Howard!

PS:  Some of you said he looks like my husband, maybe a little...  Thank you nonetheless!  ;)


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