Saturday, November 12, 2011

Post Halloween Post

I never got a chance to post some of my Halloween Goodies and Crafts that I did the past few years and this year. Halloween was great. Sofia was Draculaura from Monster High and Johnny was a Bat. I haven't had to put up the pictures because my mother in law took the pictures and she had hip replacement surgery because her old hip replacement part got recalled. Isn't that crazy? She is doing well and is in good spirits. So of course she has to have her time of healing unless she hurried and got them developed before her surgery, which knowing her she probably did.

So I wanted to share some Halloween projects I have done. There are so many so I am only putting up a few. I think I can never stop doing Halloween projects even if the season is over. I love Halloween that much. I hope everyone had a great Halloween and can't wait to see all the new projects for Thanksgiving and Christmas and all the other holidays share this season! Can you believe this year Winter doesn't start until December 22, 2011. Right before Christmas! Crazy! It would definitely be weird to have Christmas in Fall season. We've moved back our clocks for the time change and yesterday on 11/11/11 we got our first snow here in Cleveland, Ohio! YAY! Snow Snow Snow! Here in Ohio we have a love hate relationship with Snow, nonetheless we cannot escape from it!

So back to Halloween. Consider this the Post Halloween Post. Just wanted to share somethings with you. Since I haven't done so, so far.

Here I want to start with my Witch Doll. I call her Eve. She was sold at an Art Show I did for The Brecksville Center for the Arts at their Heartfelt Holiday Art Show. I have to say thanks to them! They are great people and it's such a wonderful show with so many talented artists!!!! I hope to one day do it again. Perhaps next year! I am starting to learn now with 2 kids that I have to plan everything now a year in advance! I did it only once right before my father was diagnosed with cancer. Then I didn't do it again because I took him to appointments and treatments and when he passed I wasn't in the mood to do anything. It was a huge hit to the family. So Eve is special to me. How it began that I made dolls was when a Gallery Owner asked the artists and friends to do a doll. We were given a blank Muslin Doll. We were to do what ever we wanted. My first creation was plain but then I started getting creative! Someone fell in love with her at the show so I sold her to them. I did make another similar that I have at home that I put out during Halloween. Here she is...Eve....

I left Eve's face blank and kept her a little Folky. Gave her own broomstick and special little trinkets and gems. Now these witches I make are a little bit more elaborate, some with painted face, feathers and more intricate. But this was my very first doll I ever made and she is my favorite and most important because it opened the door to a whole new craft experience. Her dress and everything else is all handmade by me.

Now we come to my favorite movie for Halloween and also Christmas since it ties in the 2 holidays. I have other Christmas favorites but this is my favorite Halloween movie. It's The Nightmare Before Christmas. One of Tim Burton's best creations and nostalgic fan crazed productions. Disney was smart when they decided to team up with Burton with this! It's probably one of the highest grossing product and movies that out there for Disney besides your typical Princess and such. This first came out when I was a teenager. I own it on VHS and DVD, have the originals and the rereleases. I'm obsessed! I have so many collection pieces from this movies from dolls, snowglobes, outdoor inflateables and other knick knacks right down to even lip balm. Yes I am obsessed. I have calmed down on it but it remains one that is close to my heart. It's a movie about Halloween Spirit, Christmas Spirit, Self Confidence, Love and Disaster. It's amazing how all these elements roll into one. My 70 year old Italian mother loves this movie too, I even got my whole family to love it. In a weird sense too the love aspect of the movie kind of reminds me of how my husband and I came about. It's a weird connection.

The main characters feature Jack Skellington and Sally Stitches. 2 Characters from 2 different paths with different agendas but somehow meeting in the middle and finding something in common and what was missing all along. It also has so many life lessons in it and a new appreciation of the holidays. If you haven't seen it, see it and if you haven't had your children see it, let them watch it. It's awesome. Of course no movie would be complete without Good conquering Evil!

Here you will see the cast of some of the characters in The Nightmare Before Christmas:

PS: You can meet Jack and Sally at Disneyland right in Halloweentown and the Haunted Mansion

This brings me to the time I decided to paint my first movie inspired Sally doll. After all how was I going to get her to look like Sally? Jack is still in the works. Find different pieces and creating the pieces to make the actual dolls are a little tricky. I got lucky with Sally when I found actual Halloween Patchwork fabric. It was hard to find and had to find it on the Internet. I am not even sure if they still make the fabric so I only have a little left of it. My very first one was confiscated by my mom, yes my mom who fell in love with it as soon as she saw it and she puts her out every Halloween right next to a light up Pumpkin. I promised many that I will get Jack done soon. So first I want to tell you, I took the Muslin doll and painted it a similar skin color as Sally. Painted every stitch mark on it, painted the face and sealed it to make it more finished. Then I made Yarn hair as Sally is supposed to have a stitched Rag Doll appearance. Sally and her creator were greatly created by the influence of Dr. Frankenstein and his Monster Creation we know as Frankenstein, but did you know he was never officially named? So the same idea was created with Sally, she was the Monster and her creator was Dr. Frankenstein, except Sally's doctor was called Dr. Finkelstein. Even the names being similar.

This is Sally, Painted with and with yarn hair. She was not shy at all about strutting what she's!

Then of course I couldn't leave the poor girl naked. I created shoes and a dress for her.
And she was complete!

This was the one creation that made me most happy. I love Sally and she's an Artsy,Crafty and a bit of a Cook Diva herself! Watch the movie to find out more. I felt so accomplished when I finished her, I wonder if Tim Burton would of been somewhat impressed? Here is Tim Burton with his creation of Jack and Sally!

I do make custom dolls, every occupation, hobby and character inspired. I once made a Snowflake Angel inspired doll (later blog) for the mom of a fellow crafter friend of mine. It was cool and her mom loved it. So I kept going and the dolls got better and better and the wheels were turnin and burnin! Thanks to the Gallery owner where I showcased my Art for handing me a Muslin Doll! Who knew the future possibilities?! Thank You Linda!

Now let's move into a cultural influence on the Halloween Season, right after Halloween we have All Saint's Day and then followed by Day of the Dead ("Dia de los Muertos"), a Latino/Spanish/Mexican influenced holiday. This is where most of the time the day is spent creating altars, having parades and people creating sugar skulls and honoring the dead especially their loved ones. This is a heavy Catholic tradition which is hugely celebrated among Mexicans. This is the time when I wish I lived in Texas or Mexico where this is highly celebrated! There are so many artists out their some of whom are some of my closest crafty friends who spend all year creating Day of the Dead trinkets, crafts, paintings and more. My friends greatly influenced me and took me under their wings. Also being a devout Catholic myself, the Day of the Dead is also a highly regarded day.

So I have 2 things I would like to share that are influenced by this day:

First up is my Day of the Dead Skull Painting or really called Calacas or also known as Sugar Skull Art. Every year on this day many actual sugar skull are created very intricately. I think it's a beautiful and colorful aspect of this day and the culture it comes from.

This was my first attempt at creating a Calacas, I think I made my Cholas and Cholos quite impressed coming from an Italian girl! LOL!

Then we have the typical Mexican Married Couple for the Day of the Dead. Of course no celebration is complete without traditional Spanish wear and alcohol and guns flaring! Wait, that sounds like my family too! LOL! You will see many Day of the Dead Brides and their lovers side by side in Flamenco type attire! Also you will find crowns of flowers, chunky jewelry and Frida Kahlo inspired art on this day. Many times women dress as these Day of the Dead Brides or Spanish Dancers with roses in their hair, large hats with veils! Truly a beautiful sight to see! Also the life and influence of one of the most famous Mexican Artists works by Frida Kahlo is highly celebrated!

Here is my interpretation:

Then let's not forget the scrumptious goodies shared this year....

Spiced Pumpkin Cupcakes click HERE for recipe.

Treat bags for my daughter's class Halloween Party....

These cupcakes are also Spiced Pumpkin Cupcakes they were also made for my daughter's class Halloween Party.

These pretzel, chocolate and peanut butter M&M goodies were made and put in the treat bags in a separate smaller bag inside the above treat bags. These are so yummy!

Then there is more, no I am not done yet! You know those old Christmas Trees that are ceramic and are painted and have light up bulbs on the tips? Well I got created and decided to make my own Halloween version of it. It came out adorable and was so awesome. I have many of the Christmas ones in all sizes that I have made, bought and found. I love them! They are so nostalgic. I went to a local pottery place where you can paint your own ceramic and they bake it in their kilns. I got really acquainted with the owner so I she knew I had to have these trees on hand! Here is my Halloween version:

It's so nice lit up at night.

This is unfinished but the idea of making Halloween candle holders was a great idea!  I bought unfinished plain wood candle holders and painted them myself.  Soon to be added is some glitter, beads and trinkets!

This is a Halloween trinket box that I gifted to a fellow crafter and filled it with some fun Halloween goodies!  The inside was painted as well!  I later did put something as a decoration on the top of the box.

Lastly here is a graphic digital art that I did but drawing my own artwork with pencil and left it uncolored.  Outlined it in a black sharpie, scanned the image and then filled in the parts to be colored with an art program.  I loved it because I had an array of colors to use.  I have this image up on numerous products for sale at my CafePress Store, click HERE to check it out!  You can also see other art creations by me at this online store.

I hope you liked what I have shared with you.  I hope it brings some inspiration to you.  Thank you for taking the time out to check out my blog and my posts!

PS:  I've created a Blog Button (It's not that great but it's my first!), I hope you will grab it and post it on your site if you'd like!  Thank You!

Wishing you Creative Thoughts,


  1. I am glad you still posted this.Such a great ideas here;)

  2. The pretzels with kisses and M&Ms are my favorite holiday snack.