Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sakkio Japan

Chicken Teriyaki with Soba Noodles     

Went to Sakkio Japan which is also known as Sarku Japan. My daughter and I love to share Chicken Teriyaki with Soba Noodles. Sometimes we skip the veggies, I know that's bad but sometimes they can be under cooked and are too crunchy. So we opt for just chicken and noodles. You can also get white rice or fried rice with it. Some don't even know about the soba noodles which are so yummy!

It seems to us that we don't really think there is much of a difference between the locations here in Greater Cleveland suburbs. We've had it at Parmatown Mall, Southpark Mall and Great Northern Mall. I pretty sure the same in other counties.

We always get double meat and double noodles, usually it shared between myself, my daughter and my 2 year old son who loves it as well. We always have leftovers and it's just as great reheated. We haven't really had anything else there but I am sure anything with the Teriyaki sauce and Soba Noodles would taste great with Shrimp. Unfortunately can't convince my daughter to eat the shrimp.

Another great item there is the Maki Roll. Their version of a spring roll. It is also yummy, it contains veggies, rice noodles and great Asian flavors like a light hint of ginger. A great condiment with them is Duck Sauce which is like an orange Sweet and Sour sauce.

The one thing though that I can recall is that when Sakkio first opened, all the employees were Asian, now they are Hispanic. I don't know why this has happened but no matter what ethnicity, they still make a great dish. I am often at times mistaken for being Hispanic and even Asian, I never seem to win when they start speaking to me in their language, I then say, Sorry I am Italian. It's fun and I sometimes like to amuse them, especially when I am spoken to in Spanish, since it's so close to Italian. Then I give up and tell them I am not Hispanic. We all always have a laugh. I think though the funniest was when a beautiful Asian woman who must of been a manager started speaking to me in Japanese, God Bless her but I looked at her funny and she then asked me in English if I was Asian, again despite the beautiful culture, I had to admit I was not, I think she was a little embarrassed.

The best thing about Sakkio is that I can watch them make my food. I can ask for extra teriyaki sauce. Sakkio does get busy. They give you a lot for what you pay for even though the prices have gone up over the years, but really what hasn't?

If you haven't tried them yet and have a phobia about trying Asian foods (which I think is crazy, I love Asian food), this is a good start.

I know it's the new year and everyone is watching their weight, you can really bring down the calories on this dish. You can just go chicken and veggies and a little white rice or no rice at all if you are cutting off carbs. Back in the day I lived on Sakkio because it provided me with protein and veggies. I lost weight eating it, of course I also worked out and drank lots of water. In no way am I enforcing you to try a Chicken Teriyaki diet but it worked for me. Alot of the fat is burned off during the searing process and you can go light on the sauce. The sauce goes a long way and you can skip the extra cup full at the end.

I hope you enjoyed it and I am still drooling over the picture. My kids and I polished off the rest today for lunch. I am already missing it! LOL!

I wonder what it's like to eat at the actual restaurant?

Here is the companies web site:

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Have a great week!

Happy New Year!


  1. my gosh your photos of your food look delicous, and I also went to see your art, beautiful.Its so nice to meet you, you do look asian, very beautiful lady you are , Happy New Year to you and your family as well,

  2. Thank you to you both! Thank you for the compliment, I just got a new and better camera, hopefully I'll capture better photos now. This dinner was soooo yummy! The picture does make me want more!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I thought I'd come see what yours is all about and I see this and now I'm hungry - and it's only 9 am here! :)

    Cute blog. :)