Friday, March 29, 2013

Colorful Beauty Haul in BH Cosmetics

I have to tell you when I first discovered this makeup I was unsure about what to think because of it's crazy deals and crazy steals.  Though, being an artist, a girl and a lover of makeup I was so gravitated.  I looked up on You Tube for some makeup tutorials, one of my favorite channels being Nitraab!  She is just so pretty and amazing and I've really taken a lot of her makeup advice.  There are many but she's probably one of my favorites.  I'll provide her link at the end of this blog.  

So I gave in.  I looked BH Cosmetics on Facebook, Scoured the Internet for reviews, checked them out on Instagram, Twitter and finally their website.  What caught me besides the amazing crazy amount of colors is the crazy deals and appreciation they have for their customers.  When they hit a certain amount of followers on Facebook they provided everyone with a deal as a thank you!  This was my chance to try them out.  I couldn't wait to get my hands on these palettes.  It doesn't end there because they just keep coming out with amazing deals, it's hard to not give in.  They didn't have to twist my arm.

I got my first shipment, I slowly opened up the package.  So darn excited.  Like a little kid in a candy shop.  Perfectly packaged, I pulled out my beautiful palettes.  I managed to pick up a few other things like makeup remover towelettes, lip gloss and some pencil liners.  My daughter being in the same room I think was just as excited. I opened them up and I was just in awe!  All the colors.  When, where and how will I use these colors and as I look at my daughter it dawned on me.  Halloween, Gymnastics Shows, Holidays and Girl Time.

Above is their 4th and 5th Edition Palettes and Lip Gloss Palettes.  240 Eyeshadows and 66 Lip Glosses, Really????  Yes Really?  Excessive????  No not at all!  Possiblities????  Yes, Endless!!!!

This was my second order where they had another great deal offering BH Party Girl Colors and Cosmetic Brushes.

Well I waited to try them out and write this review.  I was bad with this whole order but I didn't spend more than $50.00.  Which may I add shipping was free and I never make an online purchase I hit Retail Me Not.  Adding extra coupon codes in the order I got a little extra off.  Thank You Retail Me Not!  They have coupon codes for just about every retailer to do your online shopping with great discounts.

BH Cosmetics Palettes feature tons of colors, brushes, primers in an assortment of editions and in every category.  From Face to Eyes to Lips.  As well as accessories.  

If you think about it, we go into a drugstore, grocery store etc.... to buy makeup and we spend an arm and a leg on these makeups not knowing if they're good or not and we are at home feeling & ripped off. First of all I have to tell you before buying, look on the internet.  Get other makeup lovers opinions.  Professional and Freelance Makeupaholics.  They are a great source of info.

Here is what I learned.  Take advantage of their deals.  Head over to Retail Me Not and grab some coupon codes.

I love BH Cosmetics Eyeshadows and Lip Glosses.  The colors are highly pigmented and go on great.  You can get very creative with the colors.  Don't be afraid to use them.

I suggest buying an eye primer to put on before you use eyeshadow, it helps it stay on and pop.  BH Cosmetics offers an eye primer that also acts as a lip stick primer.  That works great as well and I recommend it.

I did it relatively light and I didn't have my camera to do a close up of my eye makeup.  Not happy with the eyeliner as it was Waterproof and dried before I could do it the way I wanted it to, also it made my lashes hard coated.  So if you plan on crying, waterproof eyeliner from Maybelline is the way to go.  I have watery eyes at times so I use waterproof eyeliner but honestly I think I will stick with regular to make it a better winged look.  I think I tried to apply eyeliner like 3 times.  This all took longer than expected.  The lipstick is one of the reds in the BH Cosmetics lip glosses applied with a lip brush and a sparkly glitter which you can't see in the photo but provided some fun.  I also added some Wet n Wild's MEGA LAST® LIQUID LIP COLOR in Red My Mind.  It lasts a long time but if you remove it off your lips it comes off not so lovely.  Here are a few photos using BH Cosmetics.  I will be adding more looks using BH Cosmetics as I use them and experiment.  Foundation Face Makeup (MAC Studio Fix) and Eyebrow Makeup provided by MAC Cosmetics.

For Saint Patrick's Day my daughter wanted to be festive so I did a flag influenced colors on her eyelids using a BH Palette in Orange, Yellow and Green to show her Irish Pride.

Another look Influenced by her Monster High Doll Frankiestein.  Yes that's blue lipstick!

Funny thing about the above picture my friend had asked me to do it in Black & White and said it looked like Morticia from Addams Family.  So I turned into Black and White and this is what she came up.  This is Angelica Huston as Morticia.  I think that I may just be her for Halloween.  Need to make my makeup just a little more dramatic.  Morticia Addams photo from Internet and side by side created by my friend.  What do you think?

I don't think I'll be buying eyeshadows at the grocery store anymore.  For what I can get for 4 colors at the store, I can get 120 colors through BH Cosmetics.  Well worth it.  I see myself buying these as gifts for friends and clients!

These are perfect for Costume Makeup and for Performance Shows like Gymnastics, Wedding and Bridal Makeup too!

My Favorite Freelance Makeup Artist Tutorial Videos:

Please checkout my review on my favorite foundation makeup in my next post.

Have a great weekend & Holiday!
xo, Annamaria


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