Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Peeps and I

Religious and Spring Celebrations are upon us and I start getting my urges for PEEPS! My eyes begin to glisten from the incoming sugar rush of those soft, gently sweet and adorable little creations known as PEEPS. Bunnies and Chicks in an array of colors. Remember when there was only Yellow Chicks? Not anymore and yellow is just the beginning. I correspond every color to every little kid I know and make sure they get a package as I would not be me if they didn't get one from me.

But how could I spread my love of PEEPS even further? To more kids and the kids at heart that I know? Ahhh, my daughter's 1st. grade class? In my blog perhaps? Yes!

So here I share with you a few of my favorite PEEPS creations. They're not just your average marshmallow treat, oh no, have you thought about using them in other ways? I have and here I share them with you.

JUST in case you are wondering, am I one of those stale PEEP eaters? WHY YES I AM! Slit a hole in the package, wait a couple days and they become the chewy consistency of a Charleston Chew. Yea I said it and you know you want to try it. There's a whole clan waiting to welcome you into our circle!

Let me first start by showing you my dear project, it's dear to me because it's for my daughter's classmates. Every holiday whether we parents get a note or not about any celebration, I make sure to send in a treat (so far her sweet teacher hasn't mind my treats). It's usually a fresh Krispy Kreme donut that is made into the corresponding holiday, like Halloween and the Jack-o-Latern Donuts. This time I wanted to go outside the donut box (Literally, you know you like that one), and think of something new, something the class isn't expecting! What does Mrs. McD have up her baking sleeves? I'll get a reaction tomorrow but if I go by my daughter's reaction, they'll be shocked! Okay so here goes....

PS: They were mentioned by "Just A Pinch Recipe Club's Facebook Page" Click Here: PEEP CUPCAKES



There they are my sweet little beauties! They don't cause too much work in the kitchen either. And if you want a big shortcut, as your local bakery who makes great cupcakes and just ask them to make up some cupcakes with any color frosting you like. That cuts out the oven baking time and frosting, the rest is just topping the cupcakes with peeps along with some Mini Cadbury Chocolate Eggs or Mini Whoppers Malted Milk Eggs, you can even put some toasted coconut or food colored coconut to give it a grass feel and before you know it you just created an adorable bright festive fun treat sure to please anyone!

I'm not done, there's more my peeps...

What more of an eye twitching process than to stick up a stick in the back end of a Peep, Bunny or Chick. I try to not think of them feeling any pain, but they're so cute. I hope to only make it up to them when I dip them in chocolate and turn them into Chocolate Covered Peeps Popsicles. Okay maybe it's odd but something that cute I can't help but feel a little twinge when shoving a stick up in them. But it's my blog and let me be honest. In the end I don't feel so bad when I bite their little ears or noses off and think how good those little suckers are! Here is creation number 2....

Take a popsicle stick or a sucker stick from your local candy or baking supply store and stick it in the peep. Dip in chocolate then roll in your favorite topping/sprinkle or leave it as a blank canvas to only replace they're happy little faces or zig zag design and you got yourself another great treat to eat or give to others. Wrapping them in cellophane wraps and tied with a ribbon sure beats any other chocolate rabbit sucker! Check this out:


One more for the night or morning, it all blends in the same with me. =)

This treat is simple, just melt some chocolate, peanut butter chips, white chocolate or dark chocolate, whatever you like and fold in pretzel sticks and/or chow mein noodles and drop by spoonfuls onto a parchment coated baking sheet and place your peep and some candy chocolate or malted milk eggs and you just got yourself a Nesting Peep. You could also use a pretzel knot dipped in chocolate, sprinkled with some colored coconut or candy sprinkles and place your peeps and eggs if you'd like and you got another type of nest. Mix it up, mix up the flavors if you want to offer a variety.

Voila: The Nesting Peep!

Wrapped in Cellophane to give a sweet thoughtful gift or favor at your Easter or Spring Gathering:

My dear friends I leave you with sweet endings and wishing you a Happy Easter, Happy Passover and a Happy Spring in 2011! God Bless!

Sweet Dreams,

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