Thursday, April 21, 2011

"Sweet Moses" Cleveland's Nostalgic Ice Cream Parlor


Welcome, please seat yourself and take a menu, when ready to order please go to the register, Thank You!

Today we visited Sweet Moses, a new Cleveland Ice Cream Parlor that just opened and we finally made it there. I needed to get out of the house after feeling so tired that I needed a pick me up. We visited this place after a few weeks of learning from the Cleveland Scene magazine of places to go. I checked out their facebook page and saw some yummy shots of ice cream. I promised our daughter that we would go.

After her trip to the dentist and getting fillings what better way to cope than to inhale some sugary treat. So we went to Sweet Moses. It's been awhile since I've been in those parts of Cleveland, near Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church. Honestly I didn't even remember the area, it looked so different, really cleaned up the area and not so shady anymore. You would definitely be surprised to find a place like Sweet Moses in this area of Cleveland. I've had nothing but happy memories of these parts so it was good to be back.

I loved Sweet Moses light up sign and upon entering, instantly saw their yummy confections greeting me before I even got to think of ordering my ice cream.

Various Chocolate Barks

Then around the corner I see, the cute little cups of chocolate confections and the parlor.

I went to the cashier after looking at the menu and went ahead with our order. I was greeted by Dee, who is so nice and made me feel welcome since it was our first time there. I ordered but then I was distracted by the Nutella Jar behind the counter. I asked him what they did with the Nutella and I guess they also make Peanut Butter Sandwiches that you can order with other things, such as Nutella. I told Dee that we make them at home and how I grew up with Nutella. Dee said he NEVER tried Nutella! Okay, pause my ice cream order, get this man a spoon and have him try Nutella! I told him I would not leave until he tried it. I would not be doing Nutella, my Italian Culture or my own love of Nutella justice if I left this man without being touched by the Nutella love. He asked me to join him and we at the same time had a spoon lightly dipped in Nutella. Guess What? Dee loved the Nutella. My work was done and I was at peace! I told him I would feature him on my blog, not only because I got him to eat and love Nutella but also because he was such a great host to the establishment. So thank you Dee for a great happy experience. Not to mention it was Dee's birthday yesterday, I overheard them talking and I told him Happy Birthday! Now in his new year of life, he knows Nutella and he'll know who he shared the experience with. I will live on in memories... LOL! Okay I am getting over my head, but seriously, Dee, Thank You!

Here's Dee with his first spoon tasting of Nutella! (sorry Dee, not the best pic I took, forgive me!

Here are the kids playing around while we waited for our ice cream to come, which didn't take long to get.

My husband and I both got our own Gordon Square Sundaes, named after the area around Sweet Moses, it features a very moist chewy chocolate brownie with smooth banana fosters ice cream, enrobed in caramel and hot fudge. Then topped with whip cream and a cherry. You get your spoon in your glass and a salted pretzel knot hanging on your glass. It was big and oh so very yummy. (we did also got some peanut butter topping on the side and some sliced bananas).

Gordon Square Sundae

Both our children got Hot Fudge Sundaes. To which I know they thoroughly enjoyed. Especially our daughter! Who ate the whole thing. Her poor face was still numb from the anesthetic from getting fillings. She had a little trouble eating her ice cream. Our 2 year old had a few bites and ate all our pretzels.

Ahhhh, the sugar rush now running through our veins. Our little one, was getting a little demanding so we decided since we were finished, we would leave and saw that the crowd was beginning to form. Perfect timing! But not before I left getting a few treats. Some being rice crispie treat pop shaped like eggs, dipped in chocolate and decorated. They would be perfect added to the Easter Bunny gifts since I didn't want to make these same treats myself. Time Saver and a great price!

We were fortunate because we just missed the rush of people as we were leaving so it was a perfect time to go, around 6pm when everyone is still getting home and have yet to make plans. Everyone started piling in while we were leaving.

Sweet Moses was a great experience and a great add to the little treasures in our city. I wish Sweet Moses the best of luck and I will definitely be back with the family or friends. I can't say anything really other than how great it was but if I could of changed anything about the place it would of been the seating. The chairs weren't comfortable and the bar stools were very hard. Unless you have the butt of a 7 year old it's going to hurt. I didn't see the booths that I thought they had. But maybe I missed a big part of the place, I am not sure. It was clean and family friendly. The ice cream is smooth, creamy and fresh! The choices are top notch and everything you'd want I would think in your ice cream dessert, they have. They have chocolate treats, ice cream, cones, sundaes, phosphates, real root beer floats, peanut butter sandwiches made every which way, and freshly made on the spot popcorn. Go with friends, go with family, young or old, either way, you won't be disappointed. I can see this being a great summer spot! ENJOY!

On The Web:
On Facebook: Sweet Moses Facebook
Cleveland Scene Magazine Review:
Sweet Moses Cleveland Magazine Review

Sweet Moses:
Gordon Square Arts District
6800 Detroit Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44102

Phone: (216) 651-2202
Tuesday-Thursday: 12pm-10pm
Friday & Saturday: 12pm-11pm
Sunday: 12pm-10pm

I couldn't help but post this but I thought I'd end this blog with this picture of their Banana Split, in case you really needed a little more of a reason to go and try Sweet Moses.

Sweet Moses Banana Split

I think Moses Cleveland himself if alive right now would enjoy some ice cream here.

Sweet Moses Soda Fountain & Treat Shop on Urbanspoon

PS: Please tip them since they work hard and make us happy. They have a tip jar at the register. I think it's well deserved!


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