Monday, May 16, 2011

Not So Sweet in Tremont, a review of Cookies and a Cupcake.

On a sunny afternoon I wanted to go and visit a place in Tremont called, A Cookie and a Cupcake. It's a bakery place that has had some high reviews in Cleveland circulars. The baker/cook that I am and I would think a good judge of sweet treats, I decided to visit..finally! Let me tell you I had been waiting for a long time and just haven't had a chance.

So my husband and son go and I was thinking of picking a great cupcake for my daughter to come home from school and get as a her after school treat.

A Cookie and a Cupcake is located in Tremont, a Artsy neighborhood with some upscale and local favorite restaurants. I love Tremont and get invited every year to do the Art Walk, but haven't yet because of my dad first being sick and then being pregnant, just haven't had the time or will, someday, I promise!

I walked in and was not impressed with the atmosphere, I thought this was some hot spot, I was expecting more. The cupcakes looked good but the cookies didn't. I even squeezed a cookie and it was hard, I'll pass thank you, I thought. We got some cupcakes, I couldn't wait to try them! We got Grasshopper (chocolate cupcake with mint buttercream), Peanut Butter, Red Velvet, Carrot Cake, Espresso, and something that resembled cookie monster, which we got for our son.

We waited until we got home and our daughter was home from school... Here's a pic, it's missing a cupcake because right when I got ready to take a pic, my husband managed to pull out the Espresso one before it. ARGH! So here they are:

My daughter got the chocolate mint one, Chocolate Cake with Mint Buttercream Frosting. She took a bite and looked at me. She had that look like she was about to puke, I made her eat what she had in her mouth. She said it was horrible, I was so mad because I really wanted her to appreciate the thought and how could she think a cupcake is horrible!!!! Well I took a bite and spit it out! Oh my gosh!!!! I was mad! The chocolate cake part didn't taste very chocolatey and the mint buttercream although I know is made with butter, (I've made it before), tasted so much like butter it was gross. A minty butter frosting. The cake too was dry. I said okay, maybe it's this particular cupcake, then my husband said yeah well the Espresso one wasn't that great either! I thought c'mon this is a hyped up place and these people have no palates. So I bit into another cupcake, then another and then another, each one I spit out. Okay all the cupcakes were gross. At more than 2 bucks a pop, they were crap. I just wasted about $15.00! Thank God I didn't want to try every flavor and didn't buy the caramel chocolate black lava salt ya ya ya blah blah cupcake. Black Lava Salt threw me off so I didn't get it....thank goodness!

This just isn't the place, I've had some very yummy yummy cupcakes from bakeries and my daughter can make a better cupcake than this place and she's only 7! I would not recommend this place to anyone. Maybe if you don't have great taste buds or have anything better to compare it to then maybe you might think this is a hot spot because all the snobby people told you so. Look Tremont is a special place, but just because a restaurant or a bakery is in the hot spot area, doesn't make it cool, good or make you a cooler person. I say move on away from this place and look at my blog for my bakery review, their baked goods are great on the outside and inside and everything you get is yummy. Okay Michael Angelo's Bakery in Broadview Heights, check out my blog post for more info. So maybe these cupcakes look good on the outside but inside they are yukky! No word would better describe it than yukky! I will make you a better cupcake, any flavor you want, cheaper and better with great ingredients, just email me. They say they make cakes, wedding cakes.... WALK AWAY, your guests will talk about how horrible it is. It could be the most memorable thing for the guest. One thing is off and it's off baby! So drive on, I can't imagine this place lasting. I think it's popular because right now there is a Phase in culture regarding The Cupcake. But this doesn't do THE CUPCAKE justice.

I will try other places in the Cupcake Phase, I have had some already that were good at the West Side Market. So drive past Cookies and a Cupcake, head over to the West Side Market and find the Cupcake Stand, I forgot the name because I was too busy drooling over the cupcake I ate from there. Later I will post some cupcake recipes and tips!

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As for now.... I will still go and check out these places and share the experiences with you, til then..... Wishing you Good Eats Everyone!

Love Onto You All!


  1. Yeah don't waste your time with the cupcakes. disgusting...

  2. Thank you for the comment. I was very disappointed.