Saturday, July 16, 2011

Main Street Cupcakes Hit the Spot!

Main Street Cupcakes Hit the Spot

Woke up in the morning with a mad craving for something sweet. Searching in the kitchen and didn't see anything that would cover the craving, I remembered that I've been wanting to try Main Street Cupcakes. I called ahead just to check it out and see if they would run out before I would come. It was about 12:30pm and the girl said that she wasn't sure if they would run out but if I wanted to I could put some on hold. So I did. I promised that I would be at their Rocky River Location in about an hour. I loaded up the kids and we went to Main Street.

It was easy to find, I had an idea where it was but had my handy GPS to take me to exactly where I needed to go. That GPS is the best accessory that came with my car. Main Street had a nice storefront and was very airy and roomy in the shop. When I arrived their bakery display case only had 3 cupcakes left. Phew, thank goodness I called ahead.

Each cupcake is $2.50 and $28.00 for a dozen. I think it's worth the work that goes into it and the rich flavors. We sat down when we purchased the cupcakes and my daughter chose the Lemon Cupcake. I was surprised she picked that over the chocolate, I asked her for a nibble and I loved it. It wasn't an overpowering citrus taste which I liked. It was a soft moist cupcake with a light airy frosting. So good and wished I had put another one on hold!

My son was in his stroller and devoured the chocolate cupcake. Again, a light airy decadent chocolate cupcake with chocolate chips inside and then a decadent chocolate frosting decorated with chocolate chips! Yum!!!!

So here's the box of goodie goodie cupcakes we got, we had a caramel macchiato, chocolate strawberry, lemon, chocolate chocolate chip and Boston Cream.

They were all very good. The Boston Cream was awesome, it was yellow cake with custard filling with a great ganache chocolate frosting. Decadent and rich worthy to drink with a tall glass of milk.

They offer a huge array of flavors and we intend to try them all. I was impressed when my daughter said she wants the lemon cupcakes as her birthday cake. They do great tiered cupcake stands dressed with organza and they do wedding or special event displays. I think it would be a great showcase for an event and a fresh new change to the traditional cake layers, especially for smaller affairs.

Their website features all their huge amount of flavors and delicious combinations. I would recommend calling early and checking their Facebook page for the location flavors of the day. Also putting some on hold if you plan to go later in the day because when I got there to pick up mine there was only 2 cupcakes left and the lady that came in after me was disappointed to see what was left over. I did notice though boxes of cupcakes that were preordered and stacked high.

They started shop in Hudson and added a location in Rocky River and other locations coming soon, such as Brunswick.

I thoroughly enjoyed my cupcake experience with my kids. My hubby enjoyed his taste testing of the cupcakes that I brought home. The coffee one was good and rich but not a fave, the strawberry chocolate was good but also not a fave. It tasted like an imitation chocolate covered strawberry flavoring. So far the Lemon, Chocolate Chocolate Chip and the Boston Cream were the best and I will order them in the future. I look forward to all the other flavors to try in the future.

I highly recommend these cupcakes. I'm pretty picky about bakery as I am a baker myself. I expect a few standards in my cupcakes and Main Street Cupcakes fit them all. They were the nostalgia of the cupcake, nothing over the top or unnatural toppings. When you don't feel like making them from a box or from scratch, this place fits the bill. I think maybe $2.50 maybe a little steep, they do offer a discount if you buy more. Of course right, but is that a bad thing? LOL! More the merrier! When you consider how they are fresh and pack in some decadent flavors and the work, $2.50 isn't too bad when it comes to the business end of things. Cupcakes are the new trend and you get what you pay for. I prefer Main Street Cupcakes over Cookie and a Cupcake hands down. These cupcakes make you feel like a kid again and bring you to that sweet place you imagine in Candy Land or where Strawberry Shortcake lives.

Now check them out for yourself, check them on Facebook or their web site. Info below. I guarantee it will be sweet at first bite!

Facebook Page:
Main Street Cupcakes on Facebook

Main Street Web Site:
Main Street Cupcakes Homepage

Check website or facebook pages for different locations and store hours as their flavors and addresses vary.

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  1. Looks pricey, but that delicious? It's totally on my list of things to try now. Thanks for the post- I'd never heard of Main Street Cupcakes before.

  2. Have you ever tried LaBella Cupcakes in Lakewood? I'd recommend them, they are amazing!

  3. I do have plans to go to LaBella Cupcakes! When I do I promise to blog about it! Thanks for commenting! =)

    Sweet Dreams,