Monday, February 13, 2012

Cold Stone Creamery

Last night we went to Cold Stone in Brooklyn, Ohio at RidgePark Square.  It had been awhile and since we got some coupons in Sunday's Cleveland Plain Dealer's Coupons.  They came out with new warm and yummy creations called Hot Stone Desserts!

One was this awesome No Fair Funnel Cake.  It was so good with a warm Funnel Cake, French Vanilla Ice Cream, Strawberries and Whip Cream.  The Funnel Cake was so tasty and it was perfect all together.  Here is the promotional photo of the dessert and it tastes and looks as good as the photo.  Also we got the Brownie Sundae which is so awesome as well.  Cold Stone has some great brownie's.  Chewy and Fudgey!  What's great too is you can pick any ice cream flavor you want to go with these desserts.  My daughter got the Blue Cotton Candy ice cream that I must say is pretty good and her mix in was gummi bears, yeah, I know...but hey she's a kid, (It's the Beary Beary Blue).  My son got his banana ice cream with hot fudge.  After all he is my monkey and banana ice cream is perfect, lol!  I love their banana ice cream is one of my favorites!

Cold Stone has so many mix ins and flavors and seasonal flavors that it's just hard to choose but not hard to walk in and get ice cream.  You can make your own personal favorite concoction.  They suggest on the wall some but you can be the creative one.  They've come out with so many since they first opened.  This is probably the best thing they have brought out for ice cream in my hometown since the long gone TCBY!  Which I miss so much.  I highly recommend checking out Cold Stone with or without your family.  It's nice to sit out on the tables in the Spring and Summer.

I could tell you some of my favorite flavors which include the Banana, Peanut Butter and the Peppermint Dark Chocolate.  The seasonal flavors are so awesome as well of course Pumpkin being one of them.

Here in the photo is some Strawberry, Cotton Candy, Sugar Free Vanilla, Sherbert, Chocolate and Cheesecake.

Back in the day when my father was still alive I would always get him an Ice Cream Cake since I knew it was his favorite.  It would be either from Dairy Queen or Cold Stone.  Their cakes are just as cool.  Here is a list of some of their yummy cakes.  I am not a huge fan of Ice Cream Cake but I insist that I always get what the person wants for their birthday.  Click on the photo for more details on their cakes.

Of course you can always visit their website for any details or questions you may have.  I encourage you if you're lucky enough to visit your local Cold Stone Creamery!

The One side note I have to make is I love how they lay out the ice cream.  It reminds me of the way in Italy when you go to get some Gelato and all the yummy Italian Ice Cream is laid out, of course unless you have had Gelato in Italy you would know that nothing comes close to it unless you have an authentic Gelateria in your area and even then I haven't even tasted what comes close to what I've had in Italy.  Maybe it's just where I am from in Italy that has the best Gelato!  LOL!  But I give props to Cold Stone for taking that concept!

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I have to try this!  Yum!

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Sweet Dreams!

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