Sunday, February 26, 2012

An Ode to Mothers, Take A Sip!

The Love of a Child is the Greatest Gift to a Mother.
(Gustav Klimt's: The Three Ages of Woman, 1905,

When I had a chance to watch Sex and the City 2 a long time ago I never thought it would be that great but I really enjoyed more that the S&C 1.  I have to say it was much more enjoyable and more funny than the first.  What I loved most is that it really addressed real life issues in different aspects of relationships, in woman and mothers.

One of the impact moments is the moment when Charlotte (who play the perfect wife and mother) and Miranda (the hardworking, making everything work and takes on so much to be successful in family and career) talk about Motherhood.  Charlotte becomes vulnerable and imperfect and Miranda becomes the sweet, loving be there friend to help her friend to open up and admit what every mother at one point in time in her life has thought or has brave enough to say.  This clip shows the moment in the film when "Motherhood and it's complexities are outed!"  Please take a moment after you read this and if you are blessed to have your mother with you or out there above, send her a kiss or give her a big kiss and a big hug!  I hope this gives you appreciate and understanding for a mother.  No matter how old our children become, it is always hard to be a mother because we love our children no matter what and in our eyes we always remember their perfection no matter how hard sometimes it may be.  Sometimes it's okay too, to say it's okay to want more and still have a piece of ourselves.

Sorry for the quality but it was the only one I could find to embed for blogs.
I can totally relate in both aspects of Charlotte and Miranda!

As I've heard from many medical professionals and therapists, being a mother is the hardest job in the world, I can't argue with that, but a job I am truly blessed to have and wouldn't change for anything!

To All the Mothers Out There, TAKE A SIP!


  1. This is a sweet post! I'm afraid to be a mom because of how I think my kids will end up.

  2. Never be afraid. I was the same way. Afraid of what I would do. I can't tell you enough that it comes unbelievably natural. A strong foundation, strong faith, love and positivity is all you need. It's stressful but worth every moment! You will know and sometimes when you think you are not ready you actually are. It's an unselfish love and it is so strong!