Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Crocker Park's Barnes & Noble Westlake, Ohio

I went to Crocker Park in Westlake, Ohio. I love going there. I bet it's nice to live there with everything at hand. I wonder about the noise levels though. Does it bother the residents? It's nice to stroll on a nice day through Crocker Park. It's so nicely decorated and so flowery. I love the intricate shops they have and most of all I love Barnes & Noble's Bookstore there. I could spend hours there looking at cookbooks or art and craft books. Usually though I have my daughter and son with me ad we end up in the kid's section of the store while my husband stays on the main floor going through magazine after magazine. He doesn't look through ordinary magazines but ones that cost $10 or more and that you would never buy because of the price. So okay, I deal with 2 kids in the kid's section and try to get some books that catch my eye on the way to the kid's section so I can get some of my interests in the visit to the book store. Normally I flip through the books with speed because I still have to make sure the kids are enjoying their time and take interest in reading. It really ends up being no big deal to me and I quite enjoy being in their forest hideout sitting at a kid's table looking through colorful children's books.

This was the perfect time too because the Halloween books were out. One of my favorite holidays in the year. The crisp cool air and the leaves changing and all the different scents of in Fall baking. The perfect time of year. I think I am at my most happiest during the Fall.

My daughter has to do this summer reading book reports. Of course we didn't get them done in the summer. I was sick and had to recuperate and my husband is not one to get involved in school work. wonderful enough her new teacher is allowing Sofia under the circumstances to extend the project for her. Thank goodness but we have a lot of reading ahead of us, 5 books to be exact. We picked 3 Fiction and 2 Non Fiction. I also couldn't help but get my son a book of his favorite character, SpongeBob SquarePants and yes it was a Halloween one. Perfect for a 2 year old to look through and to read to your child. I tend to act out the words to make it more enjoyable and funny for them.

So here is the list of books I got, you can click on the Titles to be taken to the Barnes and Noble Website for each book in case you are interested or want to learn about other series:


A Merlin Mission


Lastly as the Halloween Book of the year for us is:
(I just love the artwork in this book, very vintage folky)

So far we've started reading about the Halloween Fairy.  It's pretty good and my daughter seems to enjoy it very much.  My son loves SpongeBob so when I read to him he just laughs so much!  I seem to of made some good choices in books.  I love going to this Barnes and Noble.  It's huge!  They always have great deals and it's a great place to enjoy a good book.  Not to mention they have a Starbucks in the book store that also features smaller versions of Cheesecake Factory's desserts.  The smell of coffee was in the air.  One of my favorite scents to smell.  It's comforting.  Then I thought hmmmmm, where should we go to eat?  CHECK OUT THE NEXT BLOG FOR THAT ADVENTURE!  LOL!  The saga continues......

So I am sure most Barnes and Nobles are pretty great to visit no matter what location.  With Borders starting to close, Barnes and Noble is going to be the main dealer for books.  What I love about Barnes and Noble.  I can request a book online and pick it up at the store or buy it off their website.  The people are so nice and no about books as they should.  I had a great person helping us who just happened to be a retired teacher!  Great Experience Throughout!

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