Thursday, October 13, 2011

Halloween 2010

So I wanted to post these pictures of my daughter Sofia and my son Johnathan (Johnny) to share what my sweet monkeys were last year for Halloween.  This was Johnny's second Halloween.  Sofia's seventh Halloween.  My mother in law took these photos of them in her backyard and at her home.  I just had to show them off!  =)

Sofia and Johnny's Halloween 2010

Sofia was a Candy Corn Witch.  She was the sweetest and cutest witch around!

It was a perfect ensemble!

Try to catch her if you can!

Who said witches couldn't sit pretty?

Then there was the cutest little Elephant I ever did see....

Could he of been any cuter?

*Johnny knows he's the cutest!

The witch knew it was getting chilly...

And then the snuggling began....
Who ever thought an Elephant and a Witch could get along?  Well it's true they can...

They are the happiest of them all!

This was the loving brother and sister sharing a beautiful Fall day together!

Stay Tuned for their next Halloween Adventure........  Halloween 2011!

Happy Fall/Autumn!


  1. Your kids are adorable. I do agree, those two must have been the cutest witch and elephant around. Thanks for joining my blog. I am following yours.

  2. Thank You so much! They do in fact make me smile. I appreciate that you are following my blog as well. It's my pleasure to follow yours.

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  6. Your kids are the CUTEST :)