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The Best Place to Paint and Make Pottery in Cleveland: Kiln Pottery

*Photo belongs to Kiln Pottery

Being an artist I love to create and do arts and crafts. I used to make and paint pottery in Art Class in Junior High and High School when it was an assignment. I never did the typical bowl or cup like most students. The most memorable item I made was in highschool. We had the same art teacher from 6th grade to 12th grade, Mr. B is what we called him. He is such an amazing artist and an inspiration when I was in school to further my art. Now that I am older I decided that I wanted to go and take a pottery class. There was much of a selection to have the opportunity to make your own pottery. There was a place though that I found when I drove to pay my car insurance and there was a place a few doors down at a store front where I saw that you can paint pottery. I thought it was awesome when I looked in. So my husband one day took me for my birthday. It was nice, my husband painted a shark that had a lid on in. This is where we put our daughter's teeth when they fall out but let's keep that on the down low! LOL!

I had such a great time at this place and the owners were awesome and really artistic themselves. The first thing I painted was a Christmas Tree, that you put little light bulbs on. I always wanted one since I was a little girl but they didn't sell those trees and at the time the ones selling on eBay were really expensive. I remembered always seeing the one my Godmother always put up every Christmas and I thought it was so cool!

So I painted one. Of course it was painted green. It took awhile because you have to put many coats on it so you get a full coverage. We left our items there for them to fire them in a kiln which only took a few days. When I got the tree they also give you the bulbs to put in the holes of the tree and the light kit which is really easy to put together. That wasn't the only tree I did there, I also made a black one for Halloween with orange and purple bulbs and an Easter/Spring one which was painted Ivory and I put pastel lights on it. They came out so beautiful and I wanted to keep going back to make more and more.

I've taken my daughter there and my niece and they loved it. My daughter made a Unicorn and my niece did a Mermaid to look just like Ariel of The Little Mermaid. I helped but left the creativity to them. They still have them and have not broke them. They came out so nice. They have a shiny glaze on them that brings out the color so nicely and bright. You have so many choices of colors and items to paint. During the holidays you can paint holiday inspired items. I could paint so much there and always want something else to paint.

They offer parties, lessons and now they offer classes to actually make your own pottery on a pottery wheel, so now you can actually get your hands dirty. It's a very relaxing atmosphere and painting the pottery is relaxing as well. I highly recommend it.

*Photo belongs to Kiln Pottery

So I encourage you to go and visit Kiln Pottery. You can also visit their web site to get a feel and they also have a little online you can see some pictures of what people have made. There is so much to choose from you can easily find something to paint. I've painted cupcakes trinket container, trees, stars, etc... Great for boys and girls, women and men! You can even create something to give as a gift! Best of all, they are there to help if you need it.

As far as price goes you just pay for the piece you want to paint, the paints and brushes are included and the time is endless. Of course if you don't finish a piece you can always go back back and finish it on another day.

So enjoy your time with friends, family or have a party! You'll be guaranteed a great experience!

Visit their web site here, Kiln Pottery

Have fun and spend some quality time with yourself or with others!

Get Creating,

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