Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sometimes the Basics Are Good, Like Eating Mr. Hero

Do you ever feel hungry and just can't figure out what you want? That was how I was this afternoon. My daughter brought me a piece of paper to write down what I want so my hubby could go and get something for lunch. Thinking...Thinking...Thinking... Nothing came up. I didn't want McDonald's, Not Sonic which is so overhyped (did you ever notice the food on the Sonic commercials always look better than when you get it?), So didn't want Burger King, not Arby's, not Taco Hell, oh I mean Taco Bell or Long John Silvers. Nothing seamed good enough. Nothing I thought was at all wasting money or the havoc it would later cause to my stomach. Thinking... Thinking... Thinking... Then my daughter came upstairs and said, "Dad wanted to know if you wanted Mr. Hero's! Yes!!!! Oh I just imagined what I would get, Roman Burger minus the lettuce or a Grilled Chicken Philly. Lately, I've been craving meat so I my mouth was yearning to eat a Roman Burger. The great combos of flavors and waffle fries with cheese.

My hubby left and the kids and I awaited his return. We have a Mr. Hero that is a few blocks away from our house. Didn't think of it but glad Scott did. Scott always gets the Hot Buttered Cheesesteak. It's his favorite. Sofia wanted Mozzarella sticks. I know not a generally healthy food but rarely does she ever have that type of food so I thought why not. Johnny, my son just munches on what we have. But we don't feed our kids red meat so they munch on other things. When my husband and I are hungry, the kids are usually into just snacking, not a full meal. It's amazing how most of the time adult stomachs aren't in sync with kid's stomachs. At least my kids that is.

Now you are probably wondering why I would write a blog about Mr. Hero's? Well besides it's a Ohio staple, especially in Cleveland. But honestly they aren't all the same. As with most food servicing establishments, the slower the service or lack of customers, you tend to not find the freshest ingredients. I've been to a few different Mr. Hero's in my time and I would have to say the one just a few blocks by me is pretty good. Bread is always good, I can see them cook the food and they are really nice people. I've had at other Mr. Hero's where the sandwich isn't juicy and the bread was dry, probably past it's prime. I think this solely has to do with the lack of turnover of customers. More customers more demand of products. That's what I think of my Mr. Hero's. So I just thought if you live in the area, it's a good place to get good ol'Mr. Hero's.

My Roman Burger was good and juicy. I couldn't eat all my sandwich or my waffle fries. Save the sandwich for later. Fries just never taste good later or heated up. Although my kids don't reheated fries. Ewwww. So here's my sandwich, calling my tastebuds. So maybe this will get your thinking about getting Mr. Hero. Sometimes the basic food place can satisfy you without going to a restaurant and eating at some new and upcoming place. Back to the Basics is what I think it just as good.

Can you smell it, are you drooling???? Mmmmm, the Infamous Roman Burger!!!!

If you're ever in this area or live in this area and you want Mr. Hero, I highly recommend this location. Everything is really good there of course.

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